Broadcast Services

The Scottish Episcopal Church is broadcasting weekly Eucharistic services from their media channels.

The services are held in private with no congregation, in line with SEC guidelines following government advice to suspend church services as part of the national effort to halt the spread of coronavirus.


“This is a difficult time for many of us, and the loss of regular Eucharistic worship has caused pain to many; I know it has for me,” said the Primus, the Bishop of Moray, Ross, & Caithness.

Recorded service are available on the Scottish Episcopal Church's social media channels and on their YouTube channel.

In advance of services, the liturgy is available to download here.

Congregations are encouraged to distribute the video/audio recordings within their own personal networks.  In households with no internet or playback capacity at all, if people are simply given the opportunity to read the words of the Liturgy to themselves close to the appointed time, they will be praising God along with others in the Church.

Services will be available online after their first broadcast, followed by a new one each week.