Greyfriars and St. Mary’s is a linked charge of the Scottish Episcopal Church in the diocese of Glasgow and Galloway. The church in Kirkcudbright dates back to Medieval times, and in Gatehouse of Fleet to 1840. We hope you will find in these pages welcome, inspiration and information.


I grew up in the city but moved to the country when I was in my teens.  One day on the school bus I was tucking into a bar of chocolate with uncontrolled schoolboy glee when my fellow passengers suddenly ceased their accustomed school bag tossing and loud banter to create a loud silence heavy with judgmental stares. The new boy is eating sweeties ... in Lent!  At least I did my early bit for cross-community relationships in religiously fragmented Ulster.  Catholic and Protestant children alike joined forces to condemn this chocolate-eating sinner. Whole rural communities in those days took Lent seriously; and it was decidedly not a fun season. Thankfully the church today takes a more positive view about this Holy Season of Lent, which is the forty days of our Lord’s time in the wilderness between Ash Wednesday and Holy Week. The bible takes a positive view; When you fast, do not look sombre as the hypocrites do ( St. Matthew 6: 16). The bible also implies that DOING rather than NOT DOING is far more spiritually beneficial. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added onto you. But if going off chocolate for Lent helps focus on something higher; go for it!

Delia Smith is well known for two reasons; she is a great cook and famously supports Norwich FC! She is also a Christian and a wonderful spiritual writer. She has helpful words of wisdom for Lent ( from “A Journey into God”):  Faith is definitely not a leap in the dark, and should never be described as such for that trivialises it into a little more than a fantasy . Faith is not a blind venture ... True faith always questions, always searches out and, most important of all, always desires.

We have plenty of opportunities to go through Lent together ecumenically . Every Wednesday there are Lent talks and lunches in the Parish church in Gatehouse, and on Fridays in the Bowling Club in Kirkcudbright (run by the Churches Together ). There are also bible studies locally, details in the churches and on this website .

Stephen D. Hazlett

The Scottish Episcopal Church is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, with 70 million members in 163 countries. It is the third largest Christian church in Scotland, and is in full communion with the Church of England, the Church of Ireland, and the Church in Wales. Our Christian belief is centred on the Holy Scriptures and the Sacraments of baptism and the Holy Communion. We live out these core beliefs through worship, prayer, and Christian living.

Both churches have an active role in our communities, sharing God’s love in ecumenical partnership with other churches. We give of our means and talents to the greater purpose of God’s work and the needs of our fellow humans locally, nationally, and internationally. We are listening churches, not just to those who attend our worship, but to all who find need of us, whether through baptism, marriage, illness or other pastoral needs, and bereavement. The Rector can be contacted at anytime.

Our congregations are enthusiastic, caring, and warm and hope you will be able to share with us as we celebrate our Christian life together.  

May the Lord be with you, and may His peace be yours today and always.